Our services

Projecting of metal constructions

Industrial engineering today widely applies lightweight metal constructions. For performance of works of this kind we offer projecting and whole development of necessary working documentation. Implementation of any Customer’s idea begins from projecting.

Projecting is the most important and fundamental stage. The quality and the whole project success depend from the proper choice of design decisions and reasonableness. It’s extremely complex, responsible and laborious process.

From the quality of performance of design works depends everything:

  • The speed of construction;
  • The building reliability and lifetime;
  • The building and operation cost;
  • The ability of reconstruction and modernization of build construction;
  • The energy efficiency and ecological compatibility.

The company’s engineers have specialized training, all the time improve their knowledge by following novelties in the sphere of building materials and technologies.


  • The constructions are being designed in transport overall dimensions, that allows to reduce costs for special equipment.
  • We give preference to maximum factory assembly constructions, thus reducing the terms of installation works on the object and also reducing risks of substandard installation.
  • We use up-to-date technologies and materials in anticorrosion coating with faster process of drying and higher wear resistance, following the project features and requirements. This allows us to reduce the terms of constructions’ production.
  • The company “SteelMetConstruction” applies up-to-date system of computer-based design in 3D-format in order to eliminate dimension raw mistakes and mistakes during assembly.
  • Our professional design office is equipped with up-to-date software metal construction projecting of any complication.

All types of activities are licensed, our services correspond to world quality standards ISO 9001:2000, GOST R ISO 9000-2001, GOST R ISO 9001-2001, as tens of our customers convinced.

Projecting of metal constructions

Production capacities of LLC “SteelMetConstruction” allow producing a large number of metal constructions. The enterprise has its own industrial base.

The work of production area is carried out in several shifts depending on the season and loading, that facilitates the shortest terms of the fulfillment of the order. The departments have appropriate equipment at its disposal for fulfillment of tasks.

The blank section is equipped with plasma cutting machines and gas cutting equipment and a large number of manufacturing machines for production of semi manufactures.  The assembly section is equipped with gun-type welder. All welding works are performed in inert gas environment on the up-to-date welding equipment.

All the staff involved in welding manufacturing has appropriate certificate and constantly improve their professional level. Certificates of correspondence to European norms are in accordance with ISO 9606-1 and ISO 14732. The welding technologies, which we use in manufacturing, satisfy requirements of ISO 15614-1. The quality of welding works is confirmed by multiple tests and verifications:

  • Supersonic;
  • Radiographic and mechanic methods;
  • Visual-metric control.

Air and airless painting is made on area just after thorough sandblasting and grounding, using just up-to-date technologies and best materials.

We produce:

  1. Any forms and types of building metal constructions:
  • Manufacturing, warehousing and sporty destination
  • Trading destination
  • Shed and pavilion
  • Covered market
  1. Metal containers:
  • Reservoir with volume from 25 to 2000 m³
  • Tanks, silo and other containers of industrial destination
  1. Towers:
  • Power line support
  • Radio and TV towers and towers of mobile communication
  • Derricks
  • Lightning conductor
  1. Separate constructions and buildings:
  • Overpasses, arcades
  • Pillars
  • Any fencing
  • Passages
  • Bunkers
  • Welded pipe of large diameters
  • Furnace construction
  1. Constructions and buildings from sandwich panels:
  • Technological and manufacturing buildings
  • Terminals and warehouse complexes
  • Shopping malls, covered markets, pavilions
  • Sporty-entertainment complexes
  • Service stations, parking and awnings for gas stations
  • Special-projected buildings

And much more…

As our customer you have an opportunity to control the manufacturing of metal constructions on any stage of producing.

Modern equipment, experience and mastership give us opportunity to establish efficient metal construction producing of any complexity and highest quality.

Metal constructions assembly

Certainly, just specially trained staff, who has experience in frame construction, may fully realize technological requirements to metal constructions assembly. Company LLC “SteelMetConstruction” owns modern devices, professional tool and equipment, has qualified and experienced adjusters, who perform any complicacy works with observance of all building norms and safety regulations.

We have an opportunity to offer assembly of own construction services. Thus, in complex approach in building object works, you, as our customer, receive the next advantages:

  • Operative question decision, connected with constructive object features and its assembly;
  • Continuous overflow of one process in other – from production into assembly;
  • Avoidance of increasing of assembly costs on account of expenses exclusion on stoppage because of untimely metal constructions delivery;
  • Absence of controversies connected with identified shortcomings emerging in case, when manufacturing and assembly implemented by different organizations.

Our advantages:

  • Affordable costs of lightweight steel constructions;
  • We perform high-quality metal constructions assembly, which worth is less than worth of brick and wooden constructions;
  • Affordable cost value of assembly of quick-mounting building;
  • The ability to perform the assembly in any season;
  • A short time of metal frame assembly.

Company LLC “SteelMetConstruction” has validation and all possible allowances for performance of assembly and building. Only we apply international quality management system ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000).

The quality of order performance is provided by control of assembly of metal constructions on every stage with guaranty submitting on performed works.

Manufacturing of welded beam

Welded flanged beams discrepant by type and configuration are widely used during building of different objects. There are four main types of beams:

  • T-piece
  • Flanged beam
  • Variable cross-section flanged beam
  • Flanged beam with different rack width

Manufacturing of welded beams has to be performed on the high professional level whereas these elements are used in building in load carrying construction, flooring, bridges, trestles, metal support structures, footings and constructions. Welded beams used not just in building, but also in reconstruction of different objects, for example, in large shopping malls, industrial buildings, warehousing buildings, office complexes, sporty buildings and also sheds and agricultural storehouses.

LLC “SteelMetConstruction” provides services in production of welded flanged beam. Produced welded beam represents welded constriction from steel sheets with mechanical parameters correspondent to hot-rolled beam according to GOST 26020-83 or STO ACHM 20-93. We guarantee calculated mechanical properties of welded beam to satisfy the significatives of hot-rolled. The extreme deviation of dimensions and forms of cross-section according to STO ACHM 20-93 or GOST 26020-83.

The main advantage of welded beam using:

  • Decline of costs and terms of assembly works;
  • Decline of construction’s weight (in comparison with usage of hot-rolled beam);
  • Opportunities of optimal selection buildup section;
  • Opportunities to use different types of steel for racks and walls in beam cross-section;
  • Opportunities for manufacturing of asymmetry cross-sections;
  • Much higher load-carrying ability;
  • A building bay width increase at the expense of producing long beams (in comparison with hot-rolled beam);
  • Waste minimization during building and assembly at the expense of manufacturing of welded beam with necessary length;
  • Periodic deficit of rolled beam and limitation of its nomenclature.

Welded beam produced in LLC “SteelMetConstruction” manufactured with the height of walls (h) from 230 to 1500mm, thickness of walls (s) and racks (t) from 6 to 40 mm and width of racks (B) from 200 to 800 mm and length to 15,0 m.